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Did Oscar Pistorius really ‘Care’ about his girl friend that night?

September 5, 2014

Throughout the whole trial, Oscar Pistorius depicted himself as a ‘caring’ partner and ‘in love’ with his girl friend. This segment of the trial tends to highlight the opposite. Here, under questioning about what a ‘normal person’ would do, Nel highlights that witnesses to the sounds heard that night, all asked their respective partners, if they heard unusual noises etc… OP tries to brush this off by saying he ‘wasn’t next to Reeva’ so couldn’t ask her! Under further questioning, Nel exposes the real OP whilst trying to uncover if OP truly was concerned for Reeva.

OP admits he didn’t check if RS was scared or not. He says he went for his gun and that ‘many thoughts were going through my mind that night’. Perhaps he did have many thoughts going on in his head but what is plain to see is that, his immediate thought wasn’t for the one he argues he was trying to protect.

This is no doubt, one of the issues Judge Masipa and her assessors will have debated long and hard about.


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