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Oscar Trial – Day 11, March 17 RENS, VAN STADEN

August 26, 2014

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Next on the witness stand is Sean Rens. He is the Manager of the International Firearm Training Academy. He met Oscar in May 2012, through their mutual friend, Justin Devaris. Oscar had a great “love and enthusiasm” for guns, per Rens, and was looking to acquire more guns which he would be able to assist him with.

There was a particular gun that Oscar wanted, a Smith & Wesson 500 revolver. In addition there were five other guns he had ordered from Mr. Rens: .38 caliber Smith & Wesson, civilian version of a Vector .223 caliber assault rifle and three shotguns – a Mossberg, a Maverick, and a Winchester.

Here is a copy of the invoice that was created for these weapons in June of 2012.

invoice for guns

Oscar needed a special collector’s license to own this many weapons and applied for licenses to own these guns on January 22, 2013…

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