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Why didn’t Oscar Pistorius Defence team use the Channel Seven video?

July 19, 2014

The recent fur ore surrounding the Channel Seven video purported to have been made by the Oscar Pistorius Defence team, has died down very quickly. What is the reason for this? The febrile nature of this case usually ensures that the merest detail is picked apart for weeks. On the latest OP video release, this isn’t the case.

Apparently, Oscar’s uncle Arnold originally invited the production company to make the video in an attempt to show how unlikely it was that OP could have murdered Reeva Steenkamp. How the Defense team got involved is unclear but either way, the material was of such little value, it didn’t appear in the trial as evidence. Why did it not form part of the Defense case?

The video itself is clearly biased towards OP otherwise why would Arnold Pistorius have supported its making. The Principal protagonist is, Scott Roder with the grandiose title of, ‘Crime Scene Specialist’. In fact, Scott Roder is the Chief Executive of a company set up to recreate crime scenes, presumably to aid both Defense and Prosecution teams to establish ‘facts’ particularly in circumstantial cases.

Scott Roder’s company, The Evidence Room, were clearly hired by Oscar Pistorius family so were only ever going to focus on OP’s version of events. The vast majority of the programme was spent on sympathising with the Defense case with Roder having carried out his own tests. Roder highlights the ‘gunshots & Cricket bat test’ he did saying with full conviction (paid conviction) that the gunshots and the cricket bat sounds were identical and that ear witnesses were confused with what they heard. On the video, there was an obvious difference between the gunshots and the cricket bat sounds despite Roder’s best attempts to convince the audience they were the same.sunday night SR pic

On the subject of Oscar Pistorius and his disability, Scott Roder said, OP ‘was at a tremendous disadvantage’ because he was on his stumps at the time, then he goes on to show OP moving forwards and backwards with his arm outstretched mimicking carrying his weapon, with apparent ease. This is interesting as the Defense case is; he was vulnerable because he has limited mobility without his prosthetic legs on. I have written before about this and questioned this. Lifelong double amputees have remarkable abilities on their stumps and have useful functionality without prosthetics. Many OP supporters believe he couldn’t achieve what the Prosecution say he did because of limited mobility. The Channel Seven video has certainly put paid to that argument. Oscar Pistorius has useful functionally on his stumps and could have easily managed to get Reeva and himself out of the bedroom if he thought there really were intruders in the house.

The Evidence Room reenacted OP shouting from the balcony and shouting at the ‘intruder’. Roder says, ‘when you are screaming at an intruder, you are going to use the deepest, most angry most threatening voice you can’ – The programme actually used OPs voice to try to show he sounded like a girl. It didn’t sound very much like a female voice. In fact, OP’s reenactment sounded very much like a guy.

The stated position of the programme makers was that it supported Oscars version of events and it provided evidence to show this. It seems that on the substantive issues of the case, the video only confused OPs position further. Far from showing his version to be plausible, it probably supported the Prosecution case more, which is not what the Pistorius family wanted, from the exercise.

Are these the reasons why the Channel Seven video submerged below the waves very quickly?










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