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Has Oscar Pistorius been ‘found out’ Australian Ch7 Documentary

July 6, 2014

OP Au screenshot


As new footage emerges of Oscar Pistorius rein acting the events of Reeva SteenKamp’s death. The Defence team will be as mad as hell that the secret footage, commissioned by them in preparation for the trial, has hit the headlines. Despite the potential legal ramifications, the revealing of the footage begs some key questions;

–       Will the State Prosecutor be able to make a case for it being viewed at the trial?

–       Will the content of this video be sufficient to force OP to return to the stand?

–       How will Judge Masipa include the revelation (if at all) in her estimation of OPs guilt or otherwise

Monday the 7th July promised to be an interesting day in the High Court with Professor Derman having to face Gerrie Nel once more. One can only imagine the tension that will surround the proceedings after this latest challenge to the level of ‘truth’ that has been offered in evidence by, not only Oscar Pistorius but also his Defense team.

Barry Roux, Kenny Oldwage and Ramsay Webber will face the obvious challenge – How can they, in all conscience, stand in Court on oath and peddle the lie that Oscar Pistorius was so limited in his mobility without his prosthetic legs, that his physical response on that evening was limited because of his disability? The Defence and OP would have us believe that he was ‘shaky’ on his stumps. Lacked confidence when he didn’t have his prosthetics on and couldn’t walk without having something to balance against/on.

What is staggering is that, the Defence team knew all along that Oscar had ‘useful’ physical function on his stumps yet they and other witnesses and ‘Experts’ peddled the same lie that he couldn’t have escaped the situation with Reeva (on his version that there were intruders in the house) because of his limited physical ability.

I had proposed, in an earlier blog piece, that as a lifelong double amputee, it would be unbelievable that Oscar Pistorius would not have had a fair measure of function on his stumps. Most double amputees have learned to manage remarkably well on their stumps. My suggestion was that it was disingenuous for Oscar and his Defence team to maintain that, the ‘flight’ response wasn’t an option. It clearly was an option and Oscar didn’t take it. The big question is, why didn’t he take it?

What is for certain is that the myriad of witnesses who have testified to Oscar Pistorius physical limitations will be having second thoughts after they see the Australian documentary tonight (if the Lawyers haven’t embargoed it but then) if they are rational. Many fans of OP bought the ‘I have limited mobility without my prosthetic legs so I couldn’t have got Reeva out and down the stairs to safety because I can’t manage very well on my stumps’

The promotional footage that could be viewed yesterday (interestingly, not so easily seen today) shows quite clearly that Oscar Pistorius can virtually RUN on his stumps. In fact, Kenny Oldwage in raising an objection on Thursday’s evidence corrected Gerrie Nel and announced in Court that ‘ the accused ran to the edge of the carpet’.  It is abundantly clear now that the defence team know fine well that a key plank of the Defence case is flawed.

Perhaps more importantly, this serves to show that both the Defence team and Oscar Pistorius are playing a canny game in terms of their versions of the ‘truth’

How the Defence handle their knowing of OP’s ability on his stumps and how Gerrie Nel ‘works’ this latest revelation into the trial while Derman in on the stand will be fascinating.


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