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Oscar Pistorius Mobility without Prosthetics

May 28, 2014

In a previous post regarding Oscar Pistorius mobility I raised the question of the ability that most lifelong ‘double amps’ have on their stumps. Many OP fans came onto social networking sites saying he had no or limited mobility when he was without his prosthetic legs (because that’s what OP said)

OP mob



I posted some Youtube clips of double amputees managing their mobility for those with no experience to be able to see just what is possible for those who have had to learn to mobilise without their natural legs. I offered from my own experience of working with double amputees, that life long amputees have a greater resourcefulness in combatting their disability than unilateral amputees who have had the misfortune of suffering a motorbike accident or some other traumatic situation.

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I pointed out that in OP’s bail submission he said,

I felt a sense of terror rushing over me. There are no burglar bars across the bathroom window and I knew that contractors who worked at my house had left the ladders outside. Although I did not have my prosthetic legs on I have mobility on my stumps”

Here we see OP admitting he HAS mobility on his stumps. He goes on to say,

It filled me with horror and fear of an intruder or intruders being inside the toilet. I thought he or they must have entered through the unprotected window. As I did not have my prosthetic legs on and felt extremely vulnerable, I knew I had to protect Reeva and myself. I believed that when the intruder/s came out of the toilet we would be in grave danger. I felt trapped as my bedroom door was locked and I have limited mobility on my stumps”

OP continues to explain what he did in those moments immediately prior to the shooting.

When I reached the bed, I realised that Reeva was not in bed. That is when it dawned on me that it could have been Reeva who was in the toilet. I returned to the bathroom calling her name. I tried to open the toilet door but it was locked. I rushed back into the bedroom and opened the sliding door exiting onto the balcony and screamed for help

Here we have three references to his mobility and lack of it. OP’s defense team has clearly instructed him to play on his disability wherever possible so he backtracks somewhat in his second reference to limited mobility. His third reference to his mobility is contained in his explanation of how he “rushed back into the bedroom….”

In OP’s testimony on 10th April, in an exchange with Gerrie Nel on the arrangements of the fans and the balcony curtains, Oscar slips up again and says on two different occasions, once at about 36:33 and again at 37:21, he discusses the fan having been moved, “I would have run out onto the balcony to shout for help”. Note he didn’t say, I shuffled out on the balcony or I crawled out. He said he would have “run out”!

So we have OP giving different explanations depending upon if he remembers to follow the Defense team instructions or not (play on your disability Oscar) Oscar Pistorius devotees accept this proposition without question because that’s what they want to hear. They simply point to Oscar’s testimony where he has remembered to follow instructions, and says he has “limited mobility on his stumps”

If you haven’t got this yet, this is the proposition. Oscar Pistorius had a choice that night. He wants the Court to believe that he acted out of his fear of crime (throw in GAD too) and that he wanted to protect Reeva. In this, he didn’t know where Reeva was at the critical point, yet he chose to confront the danger. He didn’t have to do this, he could have got Reeva and simply got out of the bedroom and downstairs. His lack of mobility is a cop out. If he wanted to, he would have ‘shuffled’ out like so many amputees do but it is likely that he could have walked out on his stumps.

This is a key point because it highlights Dr Vorsters point that OP told her that he ‘fired at the noise that he heard” demonstrating that he actively chose to approach the “intruder” and before he knew who or what was behind the door, delivered his ammunition with such devastating consequences.

Oscar Pistorius had choices. He could have got out of the situation had he really wanted to and he chose to confront the danger when he didn’t have to. It is likely that these factors will be pivotal in the final analysis. If he doesn’t get Murder he will certainly get a significant sentence as a result of this.


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  1. Statements made after Horrific Incident can b changed; he’s not 1st and not Last! With limited mobility getting Reeva; removing Bat and unlock door and then flee with notion they could b downstairs 2 (As happens in SA) come on! Sam Taylor testified against him Yet mentioned ‘vulnerability and Mobility and High Alert to any Sound! He trusted Reeva 2 lock doors; spoke 2 her in bed befor standing up to bring in fans! Nel actor Not OP; High Crime SA unknown 2 many but OP not 1st and not Last 2 shoot love1; during Trial another Woman Shot her husband and not prosecuted – self Defense! Use ALL facts not just those to favour ur BLOG!

    • I AM using the facts. There are numerous people who have come forward to say that Oscar did have mobility on his stumps. I am trying to locate the video footage to show this. Oscar himself describes himself ‘running’ around the bedroom on the night of the incident. My point is that it is conceivable that Oscar Pistorius could have chosen the option of ‘flight’ as opposed to confronting the ‘intruders’. he chose not to and is now going to face the full consequence of his actions that night.

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