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What did Oscar Pistorius say in the moments after he found Reeva Steenkamp?

May 26, 2014

This piece from the website, Forensic Transcription examines what exactly Oscar Pistorius said in his evidence, in relation to the moments after he managed to get into the toilet where Reeva was lying fatally wounded.

The website authors postulate that OP may have actually said something quite different to that which most media outlets published.

It is interesting because it raises the issue of what exactly happened in the moments before and after he shot through the door. Many on social media have discussed OP’s timeline and his description of what he did with Reeva immediately after he found her. The Forensic Pathologist, Gert Saayman, gave evidence that Reeva could not have lived for very long after she received the head shot. He explained to the Court that Model Reeva Steenkamp would most likely have drawn only a few breaths after she was shot in the head.

OP’s version offered at his bail affidavit quoted below, shows that he believes that Reeva died while carrying her downstairs.

“I returned to the bathroom and picked Reeva up as I had been told not to wait for the paramedics, but to take her to hospital. I carried her downstairs in order to take her to the hospital. On my way down Stander arrived. A doctor who lives in the complex also arrived. Downstairs, I tried to render the assistance to Reeva that I could, but she died in my arms.”

 This could not have been the case because of the devastating head wound she suffered. Gert Saayman’s version of how quickly she died was not contested by the Defence.

So, back to Forensic Transcription.  They say that acoustic analysis of the words spoken, albeit in a very distressed state, shows that he in fact, he said, “she was everything”. Most media reported him to have said, “She wasn’t breathing” (when he sat with her in the toilet) Listen to the sound clips to see if you can determine what he actually said. I think you can call it either way. If you listen to both versions, they both can fit either version.

If OP did say, “She wasn’t breathing”, it again throws into doubt his version of events and potentially obscures the Defences timeline. Reeva could not have been alive when he carried her down the stairs. This also raises the question of how the ‘arterial spurts’ got onto the walls. Did he take her downstairs immediately after he shot her?  If OP said, “she was everything”, this would seem out of context given his narrative at that specific point in his evidence. The website invites readers to check the context with a link to the BBC to appreciate the context of the comment.

Admittedly the issue raises further questions about the case. What is your view?


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  1. dricky nell permalink

    In mu opinion,there was much more going on that fatal night,she was murdered in cold blood,she had the same black vest on when she was murdered as when she entred the complex earlier that day – why was her phone never investigated,why would she lock herself in a toilet,why was her bag removed by his sister, no no no!!! He murdered her and the black bags – wtf!! If dr stipp did not arrive who knows what else would have happend,,why tell security everything is fine when he has just murdered Reeva!!!! Still a free man,but one day is one day – live by the sword – die by the sword

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The enforced wait for his psychiatric assessment is increasing the tension in and around the trial. I think that Gerrie Nel knew exactly what he was doing when he asked for the assessment. Gerrie Nel thinks he has nailed Oscar Pistorius and he doesn’t want any mitigation factor getting in the way of his sentence by way of an appeal (mental health considerations) Once the assessment declares him to be psychiatrically ‘normal’ the Defence will not be able to plead mitigation based on insanity or any other mental health condition. This leaves the way open for the Sate to press for the maximum possible sentence.

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