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Oscar Pistorius mobility question

May 18, 2014

In the Oscar Pistorius trial many people wonder why Oscar didn’t simply wake Reeva Steenkamp up when he became concerned about ‘intruders’ (The Defence version) It seems from most of the witnesses who have been on the stand, made the same point. The first thing they did when they heard noises in the night, was to wake their respective partners and ask if they heard the noises too. Oscar Pistorius chose not to do to his and approached the danger having armed himself with his gun.

Many Oscar Pistorius fans who argue his innocence on Social Media say he couldn’t have taken the option to get out of the danger area because he had limited mobility on his stumps. I argued with many contributors on Twitter that. as a lifelong double amputee, he would have been well used to moving around without his prosthetic legs as most ‘double amps’ do, especially those who have had their disability since they were young (in Pistorius case, since he was 11 months old) However, the group of devoted followers of Oscar chose not to believe this possible and still argued he couldn’t have simply avoided the danger and got him and Reeva out of the bedroom.

The Pistorius affidavit, gives us an insight, in Pistorius own words as to how he manages movement without his prosthetic legs.

“During the early morning hours of 14 February 2013, I woke up, went onto the balcony to bring the fan in and closed the sliding doors, the blinds and the curtains. I heard a noise in the bathroom and realised that someone was in the bathroom.

I felt a sense of terror rushing over me. There are no burglar bars across the bathroom window and I knew that contractors who worked at my house had left the ladders outside. Although I did not have my prosthetic legs on I have mobility on my stumps.”

So we hear from Pistorius himself that it was clearly not difficult for him to go onto the balcony and collect two fans, bring them in and on hearing a noise in the bathroom, retrieves his 9mm pistol then advances toward the danger. Note Oscars statement did not start with, I have difficulty moving around without my prosthetic legs on so I crawled out onto the balcony then crawled back in……….. . If it was, as Oscar says, a seemingly simple task to retrieve fans from the balcony, why couldn’t he have woken Reeva like all of the other witnesses were able to do and lead her out of the house?

Kids with lifelong amputations have no difficulty literally running around playing football with their stumps, you simply can’t stop them from being normal kids. You would be amazed  what they can get up to especially those who had their amputations in their early years.

I wonder why the Prosecution didn’t put Oscar to the test by asking him to demonstrate his non prosthetic mobility as they did with others wielding the cricket bat for example. He was asked to remove his prosthetics but that was no test of his true mobility.



Further interest on topic;          This is a recent amputee developing his walking ability on his stumps


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  1. If the prosecution asked Oscar to walk on his stumps he would have gone all OJ Simpson a la the bloody glove OJ pretended he couldn’t get on. That blew up in the defense’s face.

  2. Dennis permalink

    They have shown a video clip on channel 199 which was a home video taken when Oscar was about 10. This shows him happily bounding down steps at a swimming pool on his stumps.

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