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Interesting Pistorius timeline as offered by donmack

April 26, 2014

This offering clearly emanates from someone who believes that Oscar Pistorius did mean to kill Reeva Steenkamp. He lays out the timeline as he sees it.



Offered by donmack

Anyone who still believes OP is innocent has to believe that the following scenario is credible:

Reeva happily goes to bed having packed all her clothes neatly away in her bag, including her underwear and the top she was wearing, while leaving her jeans inside out at the bottom of the bed

OP wakes in the night and immediately puts his hands over his face. He takes them off long enough to glance over and notice Reeva’s legs under the duvet. He then puts his hands back over his face to get out of bed – pushing aside a duvet that is not actually on him

He walks around to Reeva’s side of the bed without either looking at her or telling her what he’s doing. She doesn’t ask, either

Once his back is completely turned, Reeva silently scrambles across to his side of the bed and walks totally noiselessly and in the pitch black to the toilet

Never once facing the bed, OP brings both fans in and positions them at the end of the bed. How he did that with his back to the bed the entire time, I am unable to fathom. He either stood with his back to the bed, and put the fans in front of him and then walked around them, or positioned them with his arms behind him

In spite of the pitch black room he notices jeans on the floor. He is bothered by a small LED light enough to want to cover them with said jeans – but not bothered by the lit up LED display, the light on the TV or the lights on the light switches

He hears a terrifying sound from the bathroom and is frozen with fear. At no point does it cross his mind that it may have been the person sharing the bedroom and bathroom with him making the noise – nope, he’s so convinced it can’t be her, he doesn’t even bother to turn his head and glance in her direction

He doesn’t seek to clarify what he’s heard with his awake girlfriend who is feet away from him. He doesn’t wonder if she heard it too and is scared

He feels particularly vulnerable because he’s on his stumps, but doesn’t take a few seconds to put on the legs that are, actually, right next to him

He stops being frozen with fear and heads for his gun, making his way around the fans that he has just positioned in front of the bed. He holds into the bed for balance, and says not a word to the person who is in it regarding the fact that he believes that there are intruders in the next room and he needs to arm himself

He reaches under the bed for the gun careful not to glance across at the person he believes is in it

He stands up, faces the passage and whispers/ speaks quietly to Reeva telling her to get down and call the police without actually telling her why. He is not surprised that she doesn’t ask or that she doesn’t bother to get out of bed and get down as instructed

He makes his way in terror to the bathroom – ignoring the door that he and Reeva could have escaped through and the panic alarm that would have brought immediate help

He’s so desperate to put himself between the intruders and Reeva that he doesn’t actually check where Reeva is

He is too scared to put the light on but not too scared to start screaming as soon as he starts walking down the passage

He is walking slowly and quietly down the passage, screaming

Reeva hears the screaming but is too scared of the intruder to respond and give away her position, so she slams the door

OP screams at Reeva to call the police. She fails to do this even though she has her phone with her

OP gets to the bathroom doorway, and stops screaming so that the intruders won’t know where he is

When he sees that there’s no one in the bathroom, he starts screaming again

Reeva stands facing the door making no effort to speak to her screaming boyfriend who is now standing right outside the toilet door. She doesn’t wonder if he wants to come into the toilet and hide with her, she selfishly hides behind the silently locking door and says nothing

Somehow she steps backwards to knock the magazine rack on the other side of the toilet before immediately stepping forward again to the position she was in when she was shot

OP has many thoughts running though his head – a story about a neighbour being tied up in his house, the crime rate in SA, the builder leaving a ladder outside his house, the folly of shooting a warning shot into the shower in case it ricochets and hits him, but a noise from the toilet has all thoughts disappearing from his mind like a fart in the wind and he shoots once, moves position and shoots three more times without actually meaning to….all the while screaming

He stands screaming for a bit, then walks backwards out of the bathroom screaming

He gets to the bedroom, screaming, and is a trifle surprised to see that Reeva is not sitting in bed after hearing four gunshots from the en suite bathroom

He heads across the bed backwards,keeping his eyes on the passage….she’s not there. He walks along the gap between the bed and the curtains, she’s not there. She’s not behind the curtains either.

Gasp. Was that Reeva in the toilet? He doesn’t even bother checking to see whether she’s run out of the bedroom – that would be a ridiculous thing to do given that the shooting was in the bathroom, so he sees no sense in even checking (yes, he actually said that)

He runs with his gun back to the bathroom and tries to pull open the door – he’s still scared it may be an intruder, and hopeful it’s not Reeva, but he doesn’t bother checking to see if there’s a ladder outside the window

He runs back to the bedroom, parts the curtains and shouts for help from the balcony….holding a cocked gun in his hand because he’s still scared

He puts down his gun, sits on the bed, looks for his socks, puts on his legs then picks up his gun again to run to the bathroom – all in the pitch black because he tells us he never opened the curtains or put on the light

Kicking the door doesn’t work, so he runs back for his bat. He then runs back to the bathroom with a cocked gun in one hand and a cricket bat in the other

Oh, I almost forgot – throughout all of this he is screaming like a woman, except when he goes onto the balcony to shout for help in a man’s voice

All of the above takes him 15 minutes

Back in the bathroom, he puts down the gun and hits the door three times with enough ferocity that six people think they are gunshots. Four of those people had slept through the real gunshots 15 minutes earlier – seemingly not bothered by a sound 1000 times louder than the sound that they are hearing now

Once he breaks down the door and sees Reeva bloody and not breathing, he is as silent as a monk. No more screaming – he is too “sad” to scream anymore

In spite of screaming at Reeva to call the police three times, it doesn’t occur to him to do the same himself now

He sits sobbing over her, then pulls her against him, feeling her blood run on to him – although it only manages to stain his shorts and forearms

He is so distraught by Reeva’s condition, that getting medical help for her is not his first thought….calling a friend is

He psychically knows that Netcare will tell him to get Reeva to hospital himself so he calls Stander to help him lift her so he can do this

He then calls Netcare to be given the worst medical advice of all time – to take a woman who has been shot three times, once in the head, to hospital himself

He calls Security for help, then sobs down the phone to them. When they call him back, he forgets to ask for help and tells them he is fine

He runs downstairs, careful to switch off the alarm first and opens the door, crying

Coming back upstairs he smashes his way through the bedroom double doors before simply unlatching them

He carries Reeva through the bedroom, leaving a dissected line of blood that is half on carpet and half on the duvet on the bed – which the police can handily line up later making it look like the duvet was on the floor all along and that OP is one enormous great big fat liar

I could go on, but my dinner is ready.

I am starting to think that anyone who truly believes this man is innocent is slightly divorced from reality. It’s the biggest load of bullcrap I have ever, ever heard. Seriously.


From → Pistorius trial

  1. Frank permalink

    It is Pistorius’ own incredible version that convicts him of premeditated murder. His version incriminates him rather than discharging him of any guilt.

  2. Talana Strydom permalink

    As I recall Reeva did her washing at OP on 13th. She wouldn’t have stayed, asked OP later if she could cook for him – explaining her clothes being packed. Why would she put on his clothes if she wanted to leave? No one can explain the jeans – it is inside out in one photo and right side out in another. If she wanted to leave, why is just the jean out of her bag and not her other clothes?
    He saw her legs as he took his hands away from his face. I assure you my partner don’t ask me where I am going if I get out of bed in the middle of the night and as he stated he told her he couldn’t sleep so obviously he is going somewhere as he could not sleep. If your partner could not sleep they will probably get out of bed do something not to disturb you any futher – go drink something, watch tv, etc. Why would she ask him what he is doing now and why would he tell her?
    For him to get the fans his back would have been towards the bed. With your face in the fan – the noise and wind blowing Reeva could have gone off the bed without him hearing her move. As he was busy at that side with less space I think it was most likely that she would get off on the other side.
    As someone struggling to sleep and not being able to sleep with reflections of light in my room I totally understand the bright light bothering him. However, how this could have an impact on him killing her I do not know. He walked pass the music centre and saw the light – he could have switched it off or through something over it no difference or even just walked pass.
    No, he wouldn’t have thought it could be his partner in the bathroom – she was still in bed when he got up. If your partner goes to the bathroom you do not expect to hear a window open. So yes, hearing a window open could cause panic.
    It is so easy to stand on the side judging his actions when he got scared and to think this and that is what he did wrong. I would like to see any of the critics’ action if put in a similar position. Its like sport everyone on the side knows what the player should do, but everyone has a different approach to a situation. I assure you if he now thinks back there would be a lot he would do different, but we humans do not get do-overs.
    He panicked, feared for his live and Reeva’s and did what he thought was best – most of the things one do in these circumstances are instinct.
    He didn’t make his way around the fans he was in front of them already on his way back to bed, he had his eyes on the passage to see if the intruder(s) came into the room. He never faced the bed. He asked Reeva to get down and phone the police. Obviously she should have heard the same sound he heard. And then obviously she knew why she should get down and phone the police. When there is someone in your house I would like to know who keeps on speaking to each other. Why would she tell him she is phoning the police?
    Imagine going to the toilet on your way back you hear your partner scream at intruders and at you to phone the police. Of course she fled back into the toilet as fast she could, slammed the door and locked it. She didn’t know where the intruder(s) was coming from.
    As I recall her phone was left in the bathroom. If not, it could have been panic. If they had an argument and she fled for her life one can ask the same question – why would she not phone a friend or her mom whom she phoned when she thought he was driving reckless.
    Obviously when she heard OP’s voice coming closer she would get more scared as she would have thought the danger is also coming closer. Who would speak up if you hear the danger coming closer. In her fright it is more than possible that she moved and accidentally moved the rack. She could have been next to it – wanting to go see what is going on on the outside (through the keywhole) or just moving forward, moved the rack.
    As previously stated his actions would purely have been instinct. All the thoughts mentioned was not thought then. All reaction was instinct. And you think you would not scream? I would.
    After firing and realising it could be Reeva, but still afraid it could be an intruder obviously he would want to see what is behind the door. What does it matter if she left the room, she would be safe, but if she is behind the door she could be hurt.
    He did open the curtains when he got onto the balcony. Of course he screamed, I cannot imagine his panic when realising Reeva could be behind the door. What difference could it be if he left the gun and not carried it with as he ran. As said previously everything would have been instinct and not thought through. This brings that there is things that in a clear mind doesn’t make sense, but at that stage you do not think, you just react. Same as you leave your house and when in church cannot remember did you remember to switch off the stove, but instinctly did it before leaving.
    Really, would you scream finding your partner shot and not moving? He sobbed over her as he thought she was not breaving anymore. Only as he held her did he hear her breathing and then phoned a friend to help him to take her to hospital as he could not pick her up. He wanted to get her help. Imagine how helpless he must have felt. First thinking she’s dead, then realising she breaths and not knowing what he could do to help safe her life. If you’ve been in that shoes you could through stones as to whom to call first. I was in a car accident once and can vouch you don’t call in way of priority you call someone to help.
    If they had an argument as you wish all to believe. She locks herself in the toilet as she feared for her life. Screaming, standing next to the door. Not calling someone for help, not opening the toilet window to scream for someone to help her,not getting away from the door as anyone would imagine an angry boyfriend to break down a locked door to get to you, no she stands just behind the door waiting for her angry boyfriend to get to her with no phone call or message made for help or a window opened for someone to hear her.

    • Angela Carr permalink

      Hello oscar

    • William permalink

      Like the man says, “divorced from reality”….

    • maggie permalink

      Talana Strydom I bet after reading this fairytale of yours every killer will vote you for prosecutor!!!

      Eish!!! No wonder our prisons; are over crowded…….

  3. William permalink

    Spot on!

  4. I agree with every word you have written. He should get an extra five years for perjury under oath.

  5. This is brilliant. Well done.

  6. Reblogged this on OddComplex.

  7. Jennifer Porter permalink

    OMW this is excellent! Hope the magistrate gets to read it. OP is a big fat liar!!!!!

  8. Although I’ve felt hesitant to stray from the safety of the upon which I’ve sat prior to this post, my mind has certainly shifted uncomfortably towards your perspective. I’d love to here your next post as told in the state’s version. Very humorously written. Props to you.

  9. *of the fence . Crucial piece left out there #doinganoscar

  10. Ian Kirkpatrick permalink

    There are too many mistakes in the version Oscar has give, and looking at his track record of mishaps, and outbursts. After the trail I wonder if he will have any friends left because they are all liars according to him.

  11. Trevor permalink

    Well written. This article mirrors my sentiments about Oscar intentionally killing Reeva. Serious jail time needed for Oscar.

  12. Tamzin permalink

    Well what more can one say… I have tried so hard to find a way in my mind to let this man have some chances of being innocent and there is nothing that can justify not checking that your girl friend is not the person in the bathroom before firing away 4 times!!!!

  13. Kylie permalink

    Found you article very interesting and so very true. Will be passing this on to quite a few that think he is not guilty. Good job M8 👍👍

  14. Alfred99 permalink

    This is so 100% to the point – I just made a list myself of all the improbabilities, being up to point 16 now, and not yet having included many of your keen observations here (lets be honest – it’s sooooo OBVIOUS! 😉 ) . I think, that’s the point, why all around the world people are so entralled with this case – because it’s such a slap in the face of any just a little logically thinking human being, to be requested to believe this mother of the biggest load of bullcrap.
    I would really like Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, after her verdict ‘guilty’ on premed murder, that she closes with a quote: ‘you can piss in my/our face/es, but don’t tell me/us, it’s raining, Mr. Pisstorius’. 🙂

  15. Dayton permalink

    Likely scenario. They were awake arguing late when the security checked. Reeva decided she wanted something to eat. O.P. confronted her about something because he couldn’t sleep. She felt it’s time for her to leave as he was acting immature. He was having none of it and threatened her. She feared for her life and knows too well how abusive relationships work. Tells him it’s not going to work for them. He’s enraged and she packs everything except putting on her jeans. He is in a full blown state of mind and threatens to kill her. She heads with her phones and jeans but drops them enroute to the bathroom. On her way she cranks open the window and yells for help. She locks herself in the bathroom. He follows her with the cricket bat. He try’s to beat down the door yelling and belittling her. He mimic’s her screams and cry’s for help. He can see her through the crack in the door. He follows through on his threat and shoots her with the 4th and final an execution style through her head. (He’s been watching too many video games.) Then he waits til she stops breathing opens the door and plans the story. After taking the body downstairs he goes back up to move her jeans back to the bedroom or make sure the window was open. Why would he move her body and cry over her except to put on a show. She was already dead.

    • William permalink

      Yip – I think that’s pretty much it.

      Among the crime scene photos there is another pair of jeans on the ground outside, directly below the bathroom and toilet windows. These haven’t been mentioned in court and it’s driving me nuts!

      • maggie permalink

        Hi William – I didn’t see the photo with jeans on the ground outside the bathroom window – interesting. It’s also driven me nuts why Netcare didn’t feature as a state witness with the recording of his alleged phone call for an ambulance, no way would Netcare operators advise a caller to drive a shooting victim to a hospital. The alarm company should have been approached for evidence that the beams were in fact activated that night. Samantha Taylor’s evidence that OP screamed at her on numerous occassions wasn’t thoroughly examined either, Gerrie Nel should have questioned her about what provoked his anger and screaming at people – in my opinion that would have been crucial for the states case for proof of his rage issues directed at girl friends. I hope Gerrie Nel applies to continue with more witnesses’s – I don’t think the state covered everything as yet.
        Anyone agree??

      • maggie permalink

        Hi William – thanks for your response. I did read the OP blog some weeks ago – it’s scary to see how many morons are pro murder, with not an ounce of compassion or conscience for the deceased and/or her parents. No wonder our prisons are overcrowded!!! It seems every narcissistic sociopath in the world are OP’s followers …………’s the start of his fan blog that autographs aren’t possible at this time. I guess they’re selling jiffy bags with samples of his vomit to his admirers…..they’re probably all vampires who drink his puke to prove their admiration for their idol.
        I’m wondering if his PR company have sent in all the support letters……I cannot believe there are so many idiots out there.
        Thank God for Gerrie Nel and Judge Masipa – brilliant combination, he won’t walk. Pun intended !!

      • Eileen Muriel Capstick (Widow) permalink

        God sees everything, this life is temporal, OP thinks that he can get away with this, by paying out huge sums of money, but at the end of the day he will have to face God, and go out into a lost eternity, it’s his choice, he needs to be told the truth, so that the truth will set him free, from himself, and the lies that he has tried to make everyone believe! Life is short!

      • maggie permalink

        Hi William – there’s another piece of evidence that the state has seemed to overlook …..they should have tested the noise the bathroom window makes inside the bedroom…….I doubt opening an aluminium sliding window would be audible from the distance his bedroom is from the bathroom.

      • William permalink

        Interesting that you should mention the sound of the window sliding open. It may well have been tested but the results not presented in court as it probably can be heard from the bedroom.

        In his bail explanation Oscar twice mentioned going “out onto the balcony” to bring in the fan. When I first heard this I believed it plausible that Reeva could have got up while he was outside on the balcony.

        However, in his evidence he said he never actually went out onto the balcony as the fan was standing between the open sliding doors with 2 of it’s feet in the room and one on the balcony, i.e. it was more inside than outside. He had to change his evidence because it would have been difficult to explain why the fan was outside and also that he may not have been able to hear the sound of the bathroom window opening from the balcony.

        So he lied about being “out on the balcony” in his bail application. I believe this alone is enough to secure a conviction.

      • maggie permalink

        If he isn’t given a life sentence I’ll lose all respect for our justice system – this trial has to be a platform for gun laws and killers……it’s too easy to use the crime rate in SA to get off murder. The rats like Op and Shrien Dewani only deserve one kind of life – behind bars.

      • maggie permalink

        I agree William. I wish I had Gerrie Nel’s email address…..the various bits of evidence gone unnoticed is driving me nuts……!!

      • William permalink

        Don’t worry Maggie, I’m pretty sure that absolutely nothing has gone unnoticed by Gerrie Nel or the Judge 🙂

      • maggie permalink

        Hi William – please tell me more about the pic of the other pair of jeans outside the window. Was that pic shown in court? I mentioned it to Nick, the author of Recidivist Acts – a book published on the OP trial ( go to Amazon to see more.) He also wrote a book this year on Reeva. Nick is interested to know if there’s a link online showing the other pair of jeans.

      • William permalink

        Hi Maggie
        Here is the link to a blog – Juror 13 (which is excellent) – where you will find the pics of the crime scene, including the jeans.

      • maggie permalink

        Thanks William, I’ll pass that onto Nick. I had a look at that site and saw the jeans…..that’s very strange, I wonder why they weren’t mentioned in court……your guess is as good as mine….oh well, we”ll just have to wait and see…..have a look on Amazon for Nicks books, very riveting reading….

    • maggie permalink

      And as for Dr Kendall’s twitter “please please pray for Oscar” with the pic of him and OP at a little lunch at Uncle Arnold’s house ……. I’m curious and a little disturbed as to why a preacher from a huge ministry from the US would take time to pray with the killer and ignore praying with the victims parents instead ……… ??????????????
      What does one make of that preacher ???? Is he that naive !!!!

      • William permalink

        Hi Maggie – If you want to read something really nauseating, have a look at It’s pretty clear that he is lying under oath in the presence of both Reeva’s family and his god. I just don’t get it! Reeva’s family can only reach some sort of closure once they know what really happened. He is clearly denying them this, which in my book is unforgivable. This is not escaping the judge’s notice ….

        WRT your comment about issues not raised in court, including the second pair of jeans outside, the marks on the bedroom door, the dented metal plate in the bathroom are all on record but have not been discussed. Perhaps discussing too much evidence in court may only serve to muddy the waters, particularly if the prosecution is as yet unsure how these elements fit into the picture. I believe Gerrie Nel will tie up all the loose ends in his closing arguments. Bring it on!

  16. Sumayah Allie permalink

    OP is talking BULLCRAp!

  17. Malané permalink

    Haha! This sounds so rediculous that it might as well be a dark comedy movie where the victim has extremely bad luck…like Tucker and Dale versus evil!

  18. maggie permalink

    That’s exactly how it happened ! I hope Judge Masipi sees it that way.

  19. Mrs. Eileen Capstick permalink

    “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34
    “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” Proverbs 15:3
    There is no fear of God, this life is short, and O.P. has to face the real Judge, I would rather be truthful now, than face an eternity in hell!!

  20. Reblogged this on Itsdelta's Blog and commented:
    Interesting take….and well written…and I agree with his conclusion. Oscar Pistorius is guilty as sin!

  21. dazza permalink

    Spot on…load of bs.

  22. Bev Verwey permalink

    This is mostly correct with one or two small errors. Seems an implausible story. I wonder what actually happened.

  23. Reblogged this on woosterlang87.

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