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The real effect of the ‘Bedroom Tax’

March 29, 2013

The Bedroom Tax – Is it really about efficiency?

Over the next six months UK citizens will be battered by a raft of ‘measures’ due to be introduced by the current Government designed to, as they see it, pay down the deficit which this country finds itself in. Clearly the ‘austerity measures‘ extend beyond our country’s shores as we see the crippling measures foisted upon the Cypriot working people. Whilst we might look at the restrictions on how much of their own cash they are allowed to draw from cash points and think, poor sods! What a state they are in. We need to look a little closer to home to see how bad things are going to get here!

The so called bedroom tax, we are to believe, is about the efficiency of the social housing system but no one looking at the proposals will see beyond the naked desire to save money from the most vulnerable. The narrative of the current administration is to focus on the ‘work shy’ benefit scroungers as well as those sponging sick benefits alongside housing benefit is reminiscent of Nazi Germany where the general population were persuaded of the threat from ethnic populations was real and required extreme action.

Charging vulnerable people extra money (effectively keeping it from them at source) will only hurt individual families and exacerbate their issues. The Government say these families can move elsewhere to ‘more suitable’ accommodation but the savings will only be realised if the families stay put (and pay more for their accommodation) it’s hard to believe the Ministers who dreamt up this comedy belong in the real world. They say families can move paying no heed to the fact that this will separate already vulnerable family units at the same time introducing another set of issues for them to face. It is estimated that 95,000 families face the prospect of having to move. Kids will have to leave schools, leave their friendship groups and their security foundations which could well result in disruptive youths who are struggling to adapt to their new circumstances – ‘shifting problems’

Is it worth this? Time will tell but when we see that banks still aren’t lending. We were told bank lending would compensate the country by allowing new business to flourish filling the gap left by unemployment cause by austerity measures. Bankers are still making fortunes in bonus payments even those the public have bailed out….and they still aren’t lending.

As if this wasn’t bad enough the coalition are sleep walking into the most sinister health reforms the NHS has ever seen. If the current Government gets it way the health service we have known for 65 years will be unrecognisable.

They say coalition Governments work! It doesn’t look like it in any way. Those who have material wealth will not recognise the points made in this piece but do we really expect them to? The poor, the vulnerable and the disabled are clearly going to lose out

It is this group that will come to understand the Government’s agenda as it is about to impact them very soon. The country will get an opportunity to have another go at electing a new administration in two and a half years time. We may consider that at this stage of the Parliament, the opposition has no yet got its ducks in a row but I thinks it’s a pretty sure bet that this administration will not be invited to form the next Government.

Quote from the National Housing Association

“The bedroom tax will cause huge personal distress.  It will cost the nation money and will undermine our view of ourselves as a caring society.  It is mean spirited and malign.  It attacks family life and is the enemy of aspiration.  It will fail to improve the use of our housing and it may not even save money.  It is incompetent and unfair and should be repealed.”


National Housing Federation


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